License Plate Recognition (LPR)




Identify Vehicle License Plates

License Plate Recognition, also known as LPR, is an advanced technology that reads and captures vehicle license plates as they enter or exit the premises. This can be used to track employees entering and exiting, or for crime investigation. If an incident does occur, the capture of an associated vehicle’s license plate can be extremely important in identifying suspect vehicles, and speeds up the process of tracking down identity of the person(s) that may have been involved.

Parking Ramps

LPR is also used to monitor incoming and exiting traffic to public parking ramps. This can be helpful if there are incidents of cars “piggybacking” with the car in front of them at the exit in order to avoid paying the parking fees.

Other uses can be for employee parking ramps with controlled access.  The system can monitor and record vehicle plates to display exact arrival and departure time, or be integrated with an existing data access system to allow or deny entrance into the ramp.






After capturing the license plate, software then stores it in a database, along with a photo of the car, the date and time.

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