Data Backup Solutions

Data Backup Solutions & Disaster Recovery Planning

Data Backup and Restoration Services

Company data is the heart of your business, and can potentially be a complete breakdown in operations should it become lost or compromised.  Having full and recent backups of this data is critical should a natural disaster occur, or if the data should become damaged due to hardware failure, virus infection such as Ransomware , or even accidental/malicious deletion by an employee.

We provide solutions for off-site, cloud and other combinations to backup and secure your data with a customized plan to enable the quickest recovery options  available in the event of an incident.

We will work with you to meet the necessary retention requirements for your business and ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Disaster Recovery Planning/Business Continuity Plans (DRP/BCP)

Some businesses are either required by law, their vendors, or by internal management policies to have a Disaster Recovery Policy (DRP) along with a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place at all times. This includes the chain of events and assessments that determine if there is an incident, the emergency contacts, and the steps to begin to resolve the issue. This can include phone systems going down, network connectivity, servers, and other aspects of normal day to day operations. The main objective of the plan is to organize the procedures that begin taking place if one or all of the systems that support the business fail, or in the worst case scenario, a complete loss of the business due to a natural or other disaster such as theft, vandalism, etc.

Even if not required, this type of planning is highly recommended for any business in order to have a structured plan in the event a crisis occurs.

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