2CoolTek is a leading innovator in installing the latest and most sophisticated high performance security surveillance systems.  Our company has a wide range of experience in the installation of surveillance camera systems for CCTV of true digital IP-based network cameras  that offer advanced image quality for capturing the highest quality images necessary for a successful investigative process.

Our installation specialists have the capability to install a variety of surveillance camera systems that vary in scale from a single monitoring camera for a small retail operation to an advanced motion-detecting system networked at strategic points of a facility or business’ perimeter and interior security points with a central monitoring management station either on premises or remotely, including infrared (IR) night-vision for low-light areas. For full time security guard monitoring customers, we offer pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) so that the staff can quickly zoom in on a possible incident in progress.

Monitor your business from on site or remotely with any computer or smartphone that has internet access.screen




Standard camera images from conventional systems: no_wdr

Images from our advanced technology cameras:  wdr

Monitor Employees/Customers:checkout.jpg

Employee and Student Corridors: corridor1

Customer Areas:




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